You hear everywhere that you should be yourself if you want to develop your personality, but how to be yourself? Being yourself doesn’t mean that you start behaving in a reckless and nonsense manner without even thinking anything.

That way in not being yourself.

Being yourself actually, means that you act as the real person inside you. You first need to identify the real you, then act in that way. If you try to be someone else totally different from your real identity then you will certainly make fool of yourself. You have to remember the key here: people will like you the way you like yourself!

I am sharing the ways in which you can act in order to be yourself. Actually, these are the aspects of your identity which you need to adjust according to the real person inside you. You have not only to be yourself but also be the best of yourself to have an attractive personality. Be the best of yourself in these areas.

Personal Grooming

Being yourself in the case of personal grooming means doing it the way you truly like instead of what people like. Dress yourself the way you feel attractive. You don’t have to think whether your way of dressing is from latest fashion or not, or it is not what other people are doing. Groom yourself the way you feel attractive be it your hairstyle or dressing or anything.

When you groom yourself the way you like, you feel yourself attractive. This feeling is reflected in your behavior. And people will also start finding you attractive the way you are. But on the contrary, if you try to groom yourself the way you don’t like but it is from latest fashion or other people like it, then you won’t feel yourself attractive. The same will be reflected from you and others will also feel the same for you.

Be Honest in Your Behavior with Other People

You don’t need to try to alter your genuine behavior in order to please others. Some people try to change their behavior according to what others expect from them. They make false compliments just to impress. Some are having a bloated ego, they don’t compliment anybody even if it is really meaningful. Be yourself in your behavior. If you really like something about someone, don’t hesitate to appreciate it. Don’t make any false praise if you don’t like it. Express yourself honestly. Honesty is the best policy you can adopt.

Give Your Real Opinion Wherever Asked

Whenever you are asked for your opinion, don’t give it according to what the other person wants to listen or not. Say what you really feel. When you give an honest opinion about something to someone, you are actually helping him/her better. Nobody likes a person who is giving wrong opinions just to please them.

Sometimes it is difficult to say what you feel but you should do it. Don’t think that people will dislike you for this. Actually, they will like and trust you for your honesty.

Never Try to Show Off

Some people I have seen are always trying to show off. And generally, they show off what they are not. They think that this way others will get impressed but nobody is a fool. Everybody understands what is real and what isn’t. Showing off won’t get you anywhere except disrespect from others. For example, I have seen some people try to show that they have very good sense of humor even if they haven’t. They keep on making poor jokes and make fool of themselves.

Some people try to show off themselves as more intelligent than they are. You have to be what you really are. Remember you are best when you are you, you don’t need to pretend to be what you aren’t.

Do What You Really Love To Do

Most people aren’t following their passion. You don’t have to hide your talents and skills. Never worry what other people will think of you. Some people don’t follow their passion just because they think they aren’t good enough but you don’t have to think that way. If you keep on waiting for perfection it will never come. If you have the passion for music, any sport or any other activity, then don’t hesitate, go for it.

In what line of work you currently are? Is it in your field of passion? People keep on doing the work which is considered socially decided for them, but they never try to think outside the social conditioning. Be careful while choosing your career. Think if it is the work you really want to do. Be yourself while choosing the work you do.